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Justo’s Cathedral is a sustainable project made with scrap and recycled materials. A place that accepts everyone, men and women, rich and poor, those who believe and those who do not, and a meeting place for different religions.


years dedicated to its construction
square meters
meters high, on its highest point
meters long - central floor
meters wide - central floor
cloisters, 1 baptistery, 1 underground crypt
60-meter-long turrets
domes. One great 35-meter dome.
more than 2000 stained glasses

An oasis of silence and prayer. For those who suffer. For those who dream of a better world. For those who are alone. For the forgotten of the system. A small field hospital. A solidary house to share. A superhuman project made by the hands of a man.

One of Spain’s most prestigious teams in the architecture and structural analysis fields are conducting a study of the Cathedral, using it as an example for their students, and showing them how recycled materials can be used to build a great architectural work. .


C. Antonio Gaudí, 10
Mejorada del Campo
Madrid, Spain


Help us finish Justo’s Cathedral!


Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm

The incredible history of

Justo and the Cathedral

The story of a life dedicated to a colossal work, which began as a chapel and became a Cathedral.

Who is

Justo Gallego

His work is considered one of the best of the contemporary era. He is admired and respected by architects and experts.

Justo Gallego Martínez was born in Mejorada del Campo on September 20th, 1925. He lost his father at age 12 and from a very young age he helped his mother, Anastasia, working the field. 

His education was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). At that time, he nourished himself with books on castles and cathedrals.

He developed a great religious faith at a very early age.

For more than 60 years, Justo worked on his own in an incredible architectural work, using only scrap materials from a nearby industrial zone. 

He wasn’t an architect, nor had any building experience. For Justo it «is an innate thing, a Gift». Christ’s Gospels is his guide. 

He was called crazy. He has always done what he wanted and has had such a strength that nobody has stopped him.


Mensajeros de la paz

The Mensajeros de la Paz Association (Messengers of Peace) is a non-governmental organization, declared of public utility, that works at a national and international level. It has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, among other distinctions. Based in Madrid, Spain, we work in over 50 countries, promoting the human and social development of society’s most underprivileged populations and adapting to all the different social realities.

Mensajeros de la Paz Association is the original entity founded by Padre Ángel. It currently serves as the central office for the social group of organizations founded by him. This social group also comprises entities of the Autonomous Communities, local offices in different countries and the Edad Dorada (Golden Age) Association as well as the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation.


To achieve the human and social promotion of society’s most underprivileged populations


To accompany people from the most vulnerable social groups towards a self-sufficient future


Freedom, Solidarity, Tolerance, Human Rights, Social Justice, Equality, Respect for the environment, Ethics and Transparency in Management, Social Responsibility and Commitment.


Thousands of tourists, the media and experts from all over the world have traveled to Mejorada del Campo to get to know his work.



Justo Gallego’s unreachable dream became true, and now Mensajeros de la Paz wants to finish it following his wish.


You can collaborate financially so that we can finish the work at the Cathedral by making a bank transfer to the following account:

Banco Santander 
ES59 0049 0001 5224 1010 1010

or with credit card:


Help us finish the Cathedral!

Through a financial donation: your company can help cover the cost of materials and labor by making a donation to the following account:

Banco Santander
ES59 0049 0001 5224 1010 1010

Through an in-kind donation: your company can donate materials that are needed for the construction work at the Cathedral. If you are interested in collaborating like this, write to us at

For more information on these and other ways of collaboration, write to us at

Do you want to know all the kinds of work Mensajeros de la Paz does with companies?


Volunteers have been, and still are, a fundamental part of the life of Mensajeros de la Paz and they are one of the main pillars of our work. They are the army that allows us to reach many more places and people.

If you want to do volunteering work at Justo’s Cathedral, leave your contact information HERE so that we can reach you and tell you about what work we have for you.


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